Marindustrias BC

Ensenada, Mexico

Marindustrias BC seeks to be the best referent for seafood in Mexico.
We have fishermen along the Pacific Ocean and Sea of ??Cortez in search of the best seafood with strict quality that our customers deserve.
We sell the product live, frozen or in stews (canned or packaged).
The main products we handle are: Lobster, Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Geoduck Clam, Shark Fin and Snail.
We have the ability to look for a specific product if our client requires it.
We have FDA approval to export to USA and we manage marketing within Mexico.

The company also has a canning company in which we have established stews and we also offer maquila customer service and make their own stews.

Contact information
Carretera Tecate- Ensenada Km 92.5
San Antonio de las Minas
Ensenada, Baja California Norte
Tel: 686-2115398
Tel: 686-2115398